Charles drawin has rightly remarked,"it is not the strongest that survive , neither it is the most intelligent, but those responsive to change."

Dear aspiration,

A M Institutes has a unique culture that inculcates strong value in its atudents and make them adaptable to mchange. It is increasing demand for competent engineers and technocrate for executing various projects in private , public and government sectors in india and abroad , which spurred the management to start this college. Our focus is to develop business leaders and technocrate who are equipped to tackle the callenges of global business environment. The college strives to earn its reputation through its innovative teaching methodology and quality of its pragmatic programmes. Today a career has to be carefully crafted by calibre combined with diligence, by inspiration blended with perspiration. We promise to lead you towards desired destinations. This college always aspires to AIM HIGH, scaling great heights in its quest for EXCELLENCE in imparting human , intellectual , spiritual and moral formation to the student. A & M Institute is a place where growth is a way of life. It is our quest tradition to excel. Every effort shall be made yo keep this tradition alive. I invite you to be a part of our programmes.

Mohit Mahajan


Dear aspiration,

Competence in technology today ensures the survival of nations in globally completive environments. There is so much progress around us that the world is an oyster for our Indian students. To compete successfully with well established techno powers, India needs to make radical changes in the strategies followed till date. With these fore thoughts in mind, A & M Institutes was established. Spanning a broad rising the institution started in 2008 and there has been no looking back. The academic objective of the institute is to develop among the students the ability to apply in-depth knowledge. Today A & M Institutes is not just a college but is a FAMILY in which the educational community, the management, the management, staff and student work untidily to foster this FAMILY SPIRIT. The students of the A & M Institutes are its assets, giving it strength and character. In the nutshell, I would just like to say that this is the turning point in your lives. Winning or losing is a game which is not very important in life. The essential thing is to become a good human being. Finally, a word about placements. Our college placement cell facilitates campus recruitment of final-year students. Many prestigious national and multinational companies have visited the campus for placement. I invite you to be a part of this great institution in the marking while we prepare you for a global career.

Akshay Mahajan


"Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great."

Hon'ble President APJ Abdul Kalam

Dear aspiration,

A & M Institutes provides such a learning environment where our students groom themselves. Our Institute has accepted education as a science and technology are the carner stones on which the edifice post society rests. The various courses provided by the institute encourage you to learn more based on research and application, sharpen your analytical skill and gain endurance to face the complex reality of life. The major challenge for the educational institute to provide variety of courses to meet the requirments of different sectors and also to maintain high standards while conducted to these courses. The courses provided by the institute are approved by AICTE. Among these courses, the management programmes groom you to be a professional manager of the the real world. Fame has no firmness, it is not like a name writen. it is something etched in stone which even time can't slaughter. For us no body else but we ourselves are a challenge as we judge our own activities and compare our present growth with the past. The institute is working hard so that no area of student personality is left unproved and unfinished. I invite you to march ahead with us to the dazzling heights but hands tied togather so that there is no fear of falling into the oblivion.

Dr. Renuka Gupta



Governing Body happens to be the supreme body so far as the institution is concerned. All appointments and elevations are ratified by the Governing Body. Major policy decisions also are approved by the Governing Body. Constitution of Governing Body is according to the guidelines issued by AICTE.

The following are the members of the Governing Body:

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Sh. Mohit Mahajan

2. Sh. Akshay Mahajan
3. Dr. Renuka Gupta